Students@SPM 2024: Congratulations Efizuliana Shaharuddin on the Merit Award for Best Abstract Submission

We are excited to share the success story of Efizuliana Shaharuddin, the very first student from our Master of Epidemiology programme at the Universiti Malaya. Her hard work and dedication led to an incredible achievement at the National Cancer Congress Malaysia 2024, where her abstract was selected for presentation, and she received the prestigious Merit Award for Best Abstract Submission. When contacted, this is what Efi, as we fondly call her, had to share:

Efi’s Inspiring Account

Participating in and submitting an abstract to the National Cancer Congress Malaysia 2024 was an opportunity to acquire new skills and experience something entirely new. To my delight, my abstract was selected, granting me the chance to present at the event. Saying I was surprised when my abstract received a Merit Award for Best Abstract Submission is an understatement—I was ecstatic!

The presentation, though brief, was a thoroughly engaging experience. Despite the challenge of condensing my talk into a 3-minute window, my training in clinical epidemiology, which emphasises being succinct, greatly helped. On the final day of the congress, I felt immense pride and excitement as I stood on stage to accept my award in the presence of VVIPs and distinguished researchers.

I hope I made my lecturers, faculty, and university proud, as their teachings laid the foundation for my research. I am especially grateful to my supervisor, Associate Professor Dr Mas Ayu Said, for encouraging me to participate in the congress and guiding me throughout my research journey. My heartfelt gratitude also goes to my family for their unwavering support and prayers.

This achievement is just the beginning. I aspire to make further contributions to the research field. The Master of Epidemiology programme at the Universiti Malaya was fascinating, and I greatly appreciated how my lecturers imparted knowledge and shared their experiences. Now, I look forward to working in the field to deepen my understanding and continue my journey in research. Here’s to many more ‘award-winning’ moments in the future!

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