Doctor of Philosophy

Since 1973, the Department has been conducting Master of Public Health (MPH) programmes for graduate students. Beside the Master of Public Health programmes, there are many Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) candidates registered with the Department each year. Students who would like to obtain a Doctorate with emphasis on Public Health can opt for the Doctor of Public Health programme which has been offered since June 2008.

The PhD is awarded based on the examination of a thesis, prepared under supervision, which represents an original and significant contribution to knowledge and comprehension in the chosen field of study.

Judged by independent experts using current and internationally accepted standards, the University’s PhD programme aims to produce individuals who are not only intellectual and skilful in modern technology but also very versatile and capable of handling problems in real life situations. PhD candidates will carry out focused research in their area of specialisation, which is of immediate relevance to local interest. Additionally, they will be keenly aware of the challenges faced in the international arena through the media, seminars, conferences and keynote addresses, and also through research attachments and collaborative exchange arrangements with internationally recognised research centres.

The PhD programme is more than just an academic distinction. The programmes are designed to ensure the fields of study remain relevant to the needs of today. At the same time, the candidates in pursuit of their PhD’s foresee the changes in societal and industry standards, trends and behavioural patterns; the very same qualities that make them brilliant and effective leaders.

How to apply?

Those who are interested to apply for the course can browse for information for the application for postgraduate studies or login to MAYA.