Centre for Population Health (CePH)

The Centre for Population Health was launched on the 18 February 2009 as the effort of collaboration between the Universiti Malaya and Queen’s University, Belfast. The centre is housed in the Department of Social and Preventive Medicine and represents the efforts of the Department of SPM and Centre for Public Health in Queen’s.


To become a research centre of excellence which will contribute to evidence-based health policy formulation for promoting population health and improving the quality of life of the society.


To provide a platform and support for population health research and to   share the knowledge and skills gained in its various activities with others. This initiative would pave the way for Malaysia to have a modern medical database of its people and provide population health solutions in the future.

Scope of Centre

To improve the well-being and health of the population by   conducting research and translating the evidence into   appropriate   services and innovative practices.