List of DrPH Research Topics

The following are the list of the Doctor of Public Health candidates‘ research topic titles.

The completed thesis is available for browsing from the Social and Preventive Medicine library or you may search the title from UM online depository. The thesis title without the year means that the study is still ongoing.

Thesis TitleCompleted
A cohort study of cardiovascular disease incidence, its associated factors and impact on workplace productivity among school teachers in Peninsular Malaysia
A Community-Based Lifestyle Intervention Amongst Individuals At High Risk For Diabetes (Co-Help) 2017
A Multimethod Study to Assess Barriers and Facilitators of Colorectal Cancer Screening in Malaysia: Applying the Health Belief Model 2023
A Quantitative Study On The Association Between Child Sexual Abuse And Risky Sexual Behaviours And A Qualitative In-Depth Understanding Of Multi-Ethnic Perspectives On Sexual Abuse 2018
A Study on The Association of Stress and Eating Behaviors on Body Composition among Malaysian Adolescents 2018
Access to renal transplantation and post-transplantation prognosis (ReTRAPP) study of adults in Malaysia 2020
Achieving Digital Citizenship: Developing A Theory-Based Questionnaire in Exploring Parental Digital Security Practice among Malaysian Parents 2020
Adverse Chilhood Experiences and Its Effects on Elder Abuse and Depression Stability among Malaysian Community Dwelling Elderly Population
AIM Study: A Heat Acclimatisation Intervention Module in Preventing Heat Related Illness among Malaysian Army Trainees
An Evaluation Of Statistical Methods For Determining Agreement And Reliability In Medicine 2013