Life on Campus

Life on campus is about more than just study, there are a wide variety of activities available to keep anyone occupied, they include food outlets, shopping, banking, arts and sporting facilities

Food Outlets

Within the Faculty of Medicine and University Malaya Medical Centre there are a few eateries worth mentioning, and these will be the few that you will be going to while in the faculty. They are

  • Cafeteria at Faculty of Medicine level 3, located next to the Medical Library, which offer cooked meals at reasonable cost.
  • Foot Court located at UMMC level 2 which has a wider selection of food.
  • Secret Recipe Restaurant located at UMMC level 1 (main lobby), which offers a choice of western food.

There are also numerous food outlets within the university. Most of them are located near the main library; for example Rumah Universiti and food stalls at Baktisiswa and Perdanasiswa.


Within the University there are a number of services available for the convenience of students and staff. Most of the services are located at the Perdanasiswa buildings just next to the main library.
Services available at the Perdanasiswa are:

  • Bank
  • 24-hr Auto-teller machines (ATMs)
  • Travel Services – airline tickets, tours, etc.
  • POS Malaysia
  • Bookstore
  • Experimental Theatre
  • Food stalls

More information about the numerous facilities available for students can also be obtained from the University of Malaya website.

Sports Facilities

The University also offers various sports venues to cater for all types of sports and recreational activities.

  • Swimming pool
  • Tennis court
  • Football grounds
  • Basketball courts
  • Netball Courts
  • Futsal courts
  • Jogging track
  • Water sport activities
  • Gymnasium

Museum of Asian Art

The Museum of Asian Art is home to over 2,000 pieces of ceramics from Malaysia, Thailand, Khmer, Vietnam, China, Japan, India and Iran. It is renowned for housing the largest collection of water vessels in the world, as well as stone carvings and Islamic art collections from other Asian countries.

Universiti Malaya Symphony Orchestra (UMSO)

The UMSO was inaugurated by HRH Sultan Azlan Muhibuddin Shah, the Chancellor of the University of Malaya. It is an artistic first for higher learning institutions in Malaysia. The 120-member strong orchestra consisting of the University’s most talented students and staff has given several well-received concerts and recitals.

Rimba Ilmu (Botanical Gardens)

Rimba Ilmu or The Botanical Garden was established in 1974 out of a need to study and conserve the immense diversity of plant life found in the Malaysian tropical rainforest. Rimba Ilmu sits in a valley on the University of Malaya campus. Rimba Ilmu, through the utilization of its resources and support facilities, also works towards promoting environmental awareness among the campus community and the general public. It has various special collections ranging from those of medicinal plants, wild orchids, palms, pandan, tropical fruit trees, gingers, aquatic plants, wild citrus relatives to rare and endangered plants in need of conservation.