TDR Regional Training Centre in Western Pacific Region

The launch of the Learning Centre on 3 October 2023, marks a significant milestone for the Faculty of Medicine, Universiti Malaya. This cutting-edge facility is designed to cater to the evolving needs of our academic community and researchers in the field of global health.

Key Features:

  1. Online and Hybrid Teaching
    This Learning Centre is equipped with adequate technology to facilitate online and hybrid teaching. It offers a seamless environment for both educators and students to engage in virtual learning.
  2. Content Module Development (Microcredential@UM)
    The facility will serve as a hub for creating microcredentials, or any other online module creation with the aim of empowering students and professionals with targeted, industry-relevant knowledge and skills. This initiative aligns with the university’s commitment to lifelong learning and upskilling.
  3. Video and Audio Recording Session
    It also provides state-of-the-art equipment for up-to-par video and audio production. This will be instrumental in creating engaging educational content, advocacy initiatives, information dissemination, and research materials.
  4. Interview Sessions
    This Learning Centre is an ideal space for conducting interviews, forums, and discussions whether for research purposes, knowledge sharing, or documentary projects.
  5. Live Streaming
    With its live streaming capabilities, the studio will enable real-time dissemination of lectures, seminars, and events, promoting knowledge sharing and accessibility.
  6. Videography and Photography Studio
    The facility is equipped to meet the demands of videography and photography, enhancing the visual quality of educational materials, corporate content, and research documentation.
  7. Instructional Communication and Graphic Design
    It provides specialised equipment and support for creating up-to-par virtual learning content. Educators can film engaging lectures, demonstrations, and training sessions, enhancing the learning experience. Expert guidance and flexible shooting spaces enable the development of interactive training materials. Post-production services ensure that the final content is polished and effective, catering to various instructional needs.
  8. Podcast (In Progress): As part of the future expansion, the studio will offer podcast recording services, fostering a dynamic platform for discussions and information dissemination.

The Learning Centre reflects our commitment to advancing education and research. This versatile facility will be an invaluable resource for our academic and research community, empowering them to create, innovate, and share knowledge effectively. It symbolises the faculty and Universiti Malaya’s dedication to providing cutting-edge tools for future learning and the global health community.