CePH Workshop Series 2024: From Theory to Practice – Experience Sharing and Practical Guidance in Research Proposal Writing

The Centre of Population Health hosted a Research Proposal Writing workshop organised by Year 1 Doctor of Public Health (DrPH) candidates on the 7th of March 2024 from 10 am to 12 noon. This programme bridged the gap between theory and practice, offering aspiring PhD candidates a platform to share experiences, insights, and practical advice on the art and science of proposal writing in public health.

The workshop aimed primarily to equip potential PhD candidates with an array of tools and knowledge essential for crafting research proposals. It sought to create a nurturing environment by facilitating the sharing of personal experiences and lessons from current Doctor of Public Health candidates and addressing common challenges in proposal writing with practical solutions.

The highlight of the workshop was the experience-sharing session, where attendees were treated to real-world perspectives on the proposal writing journey. Dr Melissa Johari Chan delivered practical advice which focused on developing well-structured proposals and defining research questions and objectives with clarity. Complementarily, Dr Farah Nurulhuda Anuar guided participants through sessions on methodology and ethical considerations, rounding out the practical advice with thorough coverage of essential aspects critical to successful proposal writing. Additionally, Dr Fairuz Abdul Rani offered insights on conducting a thorough literature review and effectively justifying the study, further enriching the workshop’s comprehensive practical advice.

Participants left the workshop with boosted confidence and motivation to craft effective research proposals. This student-led initiative aimed to demystify the proposal writing process and build a supportive community of emerging scholars. While facilitated by students, the workshop encouraged participants to consult with academic advisors and seek opinions for formal guidance.

This write-up was prepared by Dr Fairuz binti Abdul Rani (DrPH candidate) and Dr Kwong Soke Chee. Reviewed by Associate Professor Dr Nik Daliana Nik Farid and Dr ‘Abqariyah Yahya from the Department of Social and Preventive Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, Universiti Malaya.

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