Harmony in Nature: Uniting Hearts and Minds at the SPM Healing & Day Out 2024

Under the golden hues of dawn at Pusat Sanctuari Ikan Kelah Sungai Chiling, Hulu Selangor, a tapestry of unity was woven. The ‘SPM Healing and Day Out’ session orchestrated on 4th March 2024 by the passionate DrPH candidates of cohort ‘2023/2024’ and the inspiring MPH Alumni was more than an event—it was the embodiment of a dream we dared to dream together. Each step taken, every laugh shared, and all hands joined in service, mirrored the extraordinary spirit of camaraderie that pulses through our community.

It’s with a heart brimming with love that I recount this tale of togetherness, where every individual’s contribution is etched in the collective memory of our department—a testament to the profound bond that ties us. Today, I write not just as a colleague, but as a friend profoundly moved and honoured by the symphony of souls that came together in this celebration of nature and healing.

The program’s strategic partnership with Jabatan Perikanan Negeri Selangor bore the fruit of unity as we embarked on a day steeped in conservation, laughter, and the nurturing rhythms of nature, integral to the well-being of our minds and spirits. Engaging with the earth and water through our CSR initiative, we tended the land that cradles our sustenance and our serenity.

This active stewardship was a profound exercise in mindfulness, reinforcing our public health mission with a focus on ecological care and mental health rejuvenation. As we trekked to Chiling Waterfall, each step was a meditation, a shared ascent towards solidarity, wellness, and the promise of mental clarity amid the forest’s tranquil embrace.

It was camaraderie personified as we gathered around the barbecue, with sparks flying not just from the coals, but from the connections being forged. The simple act of breaking bread together, amid the hum of the forest, reminded us that health is communal, nourishment is shared, and healing is mutual.

Throughout the day, we were not just attendees but active participants in the sanctuary of well-being. The laughter of colleagues wading through the crystal-clear river, the shared triumph of reaching the waterfall’s base, and the collective quiet that fell as we took in the grandeur of nature — these were the unspoken workshops of the soul, the silent educators of the heart. As the sun sets on our cherished ‘SPM Healing & Day Out’ session, I find myself thinking of each of you, not just as teammates but as the family we have become. You’ve all brought light into this experience, and our shared laughter has been the sweetest melody in our journey’s song.

To those who trekked, to those who tidied, to those who cooked, and to all who cared—you have filled our canvas with the richest of colours. Let’s keep this spirit alive, for you are the heartbeat of this team, and every heartbeat resonates with a story only we can tell. Here’s to us—the dreamers, doers, and the heartfelt believers. To the days we’ve conquered, and to the many more we’ll journey together. You are not just my crew, but my muse, with all my heart, thank you.

By Dr Ismail Saudi, DrPH Candidate 2023/2024, Department of Social and Preventive Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, Universiti Malaya.

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