Congratulations to Dr Sarbhan Singh for successfully completing his Doctor of Public Health Viva Voce

Congratulations to Dr Sarbhan Singh for passing his Doctor of Public Health viva defence, held on the 31st January 2020. The title of his thesis is Association of Mental Health Literacy and Depression Symptoms among Secondary School-going Adolescents in Selangor. One of the most important aims of this study was to determine the prevalence of depression symptoms and adequacy of depression literacy. It was found that prevalence of depression symptoms among adolescents was 20.3%. Only a minority of participants were able to correctly recognize depression symptoms (3.5%) and were classified as having adequate depression literacy (3.0%). The findings suggests integrating the concept of depression literacy into school based mental health services and early screening of depression among adolescents. Dr Sarbhan Singh was supervised by A/P Dr Rafdzah Ahmad Zaki and A/P Dr Nik Daliana Nik Farid.

Dr Sarbhan published the paper on “A systematic review of depression literacy: Knowledge, help-seeking and stigmatising attitudes among adolescent” in the Journal of Adolescence and Mental Health Literacy Among Young Adolescents in Selangor in the Malaysian Journal of Youth Studies. 

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