UM Health Awareness Day 2009

The University of Malaya Health Awareness Day was successfully held on the 9th of June 2009. The members of the University’s Board of Director, Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Dean of Faculty of Medicine and senior officers of the university were present to grace this event.

The objectives of the Health Awareness Day were to promote health awareness amongst the community of University of Malaya and the public by providing health screening tests, exhibition, health promotion messages and consultation. This event was planned to further elaborate the importance of healthy lifestyle such as practicing healthy food choices, increased physical activities, quit smoking and stress management.

Parties involved in this event were Faculty of Medicine (Departments of Social & Preventive Medicine, Sports Medicine, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Surgery), Faculty of Dentistry (Community Dentistry) and Sports Centre from UM;  Ministry of Health (LPPKN), NGOs (National Kidney Foundation) and private companies.  

Self-monitoring of health indicators such as weight, blood pressure, glucose level and self-examination of mouth were emphasized. Women’s health screening such as Pap smear and breast self-examination was also made available with the support from the Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology and LPPKN. Men’s health through the form of a questionnaire survey was also carried out by the Department of Surgery. 

Aerobics Exercise

The program started with a morning aerobic exercise leading by the instructors from the UM Sports Centre and followed with an opening speech by Profesor Dato’ Dr Mohd Amin Jalaludin, Deputy Vice-Chancellor.  The exhibitions started soon after the ceremony. Quizzes with attractive prizes were carried out throughout the day.


The exhibition comprised of exhibitors from the University of Malaya, mobile buses from LPPKN and National Kidney Foundation as well as private companies involved in the wellness industry.  Health screening tests which were available on that day included random blood glucose, blood pressure, bone mineral density, dental check, stress level assessment, breast-self-examination, body mass index, urine test, cholesterol level check, glaucoma screening, men’s health test and physical fitness assessment as well as diet consultation and medical consultation.

The attendance of the members of the University’s Board of Director, Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Dean of Faculty of Medicine and senior officers showed that the management of the university cares for the health and welfare of the staff.  The event was well organised and the staff, as well as the public, went home with clear messages on how to promote and maintain health.

Oral Health

Fitness Test


National Kidney Foundation (NKF)


Health Screening

Smoking Cessation

Stress Management

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