Welcome Master of Public Health candidate

The Master of Public Health is one of our most popular programmes. The MPH first started in 1973 with seven candidates from the Ministry of Health Malaysia. The programme has gone through many changes during the last 48 years. There are now more than 1000 alumni of the MPH from Malaysia and around the world.

We would like to welcome the new candidates who are joining the programme in Semester 2, 2020/2021. Today is the start of our online orientation programme. There are 23 new candidates who registered for the MPH programme this semester. Out of which, 15 are local students and 8 are international students. The international students came from China (3), Saudi Arabia (2), Sudan (1), Zambia (1) and Bangladesh (1).

  1. Wan Nur Baiti Sudin – Malaysia
  2. Ahmad Ismail Abdulkareem Gholam – Saudi Arabia
  3. Turki Mohammed S Alqarni – Saudi Arabia
  4. Razia Kabir – Banglasesh
  5. Erdan Duan – China
  6. Kexing Liu – China
  7. Siti Aisyah Khairudin – Malaysia
  8. Ramiza Nur Razali – Malaysia
  9. Li Yen Chan – Malaysia
  10. Komalatha Vetriveran – Malaysia
  11. Yuqi Qian – China
  12. Anantha Kumar Rajendran – Malaysia
  13. Muhammad Talhah Abdul Kader – Malaysia
  14. Tan Yean Ling- Malaysia
  15. Dorothy Sendanasamy- Malaysia
  16. Michelle Tan- Malaysia
  17. Manimegala Karunakaran- Malaysia
  18. Fia Iskandar- Malaysia
  19. Subashini Subramaniam- Malaysia
  20. Mutenda Mwamba – Zambia
  21. Haiam Abdalla – Sudan
  22. Sumitra Ropini a/p Karuthan – Malaysia
  23. Fatin Sabila binti Abdul Rahman- Malaysia

The second-day fo the e-orientation with our new MPH students has just completed on the 2nd March 2021. We had very interesting sessions on Mental Wellbeing, by Assoc. Prof. Nik Daliana, and How to survive the MPH program, by one of our MPH graduates. The department like to thank Prof Moy Foong Ming, Dr Tharani Loganathan, Norlissa binti Gani and our MPH graduates for sharing making the event a success.

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