COVID19: Waste

In recent weeks, there has been reporting from around the World and in Malaysia of the amount of waste generated from the increase in the use of personal protective equipment by healthcare workers and the public in the wake of the COVID19 pandemic. The waste like the face mask can be found scattered in the oceans and indiscriminately thrown.

The waste that found its way to our oceans will be detrimental to the environment. Just like any other plastic waste previously found in our oceans, the tri-ply or four-ply medical mask which are made from plastics, will breakdown and the microplastics will be consumed by planktons and other small sea animals, which later will end up on our plates of seafood.

Indiscriminate throwing of the contaminated masks will also cause health hazards for the public and people who are going to clean up after us. So, how should we handle all this waste and what can an individual do to help to alleviate the problem?

Professor Dr Victor Hoe discuss this issue on Selamat Pagi Malaysia on RTM1 with Zaleha Khairene and Terence Dass.

He was also interview later for the RTM news to further explain the issue.

Professor Dr Victor Hoe was also interviewed by TV3 on the same issue, the segment appears in the Bulitin Utma TV3 on the 2 Jun 2020.

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