Air pollution, health effects, challenges and management approach in Malaysia

The current pandemic and travel limitations transform the international collaborations and education system from seminar to webinar and this becomes a great opportunity to get closer behind monitors all over the world.

Associate professor Dr Nasrin Aghamohammadi shared her work experience through a  webinar on Air pollution, health effects, challenges and management approach in Malaysia hosted by Kermanshah University Medical Sciences (KUMS), Iran on May 19th, 2021 (10-12 pm Tehran Time Zone) via Adobe Connect.

The main audience were from different medical schools, the ministry of health and the association of Environmental Health Engineering. In this section, Dr Nasrin introduced UM as a 59th ranked university in the world and 9th among Asian countries as well as the potential work and education in the Faculty of Medicine and Department Of Social And Preventive Medicine, UM.

In this Webinar, she focused on Malaysian diverse ecosystem, environmental management and governance as well as policy and legislation related to air pollution and air quality in Malaysia. She emphasised urban overheating and health impact as the neglected study area in both countries, Iran and Malaysia. In this section, she shared her research related to air pollution and health impacts and climate change mitigation approaches. She also addressed the importance of Indoor Air Quality in the buildings and the reduction of pathogen counts with the appropriate method for Covid-19 management. The two hours talk had a very extensive Q&A session mainly about deforestation and biomass burning in Malaysia and how Malaysia faced this seasonal phenomenon and engineering solutions and AQI  monitoring during the COVID-19 pandemic. Some similar issues from such tropical experience can be adopted in the local context of Iran and open more doors for international collaborations. The KUMS welcomed more webinar and sessions between both universities to also share their experiences in the field of medical sciences as well as environmental health engineering for the future.

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