Epidemiology and Population Ageing in the 21st Century

On the 17th July, 2020, Prof Robert Cumming from The School of Public Health, University of Sydney join us for a webinar on “Epidemiology and Population Ageing in the 21st Century”. We had a very fascinating and insightful presentation by Professor Robert Cumming.
Population ageing is occurring in nearly every country around the world. Professor Cumming gave a broad overview or the big picture of the many complex issues that happen once one gets older (at the individual level) as well as on the macro-level with reference to population ageing. Issues, challenges and opportunities, particularly with regard to ageing of individuals and ageing of populations were discussed. Bob also shared with us many of his research experience, tackling complex health problems of older people in Australia, Asia and Africa at multiple levels, given the interconnection between health and society.
We have learnt many things that can be put into practice as we look forward to live till 115 years of age!

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