International Women’s Day Is Today – Leave No One Behind

Today is the International Women’s Day and we wanted to take this moment to thank all the amazing and wonderful women of SPM Department – “THANK YOU ALL”.

Many evidence has shown that equality for women and girls means progress for all – thus the saying “leave no one behind”. With this in mind, we have two groups of SPM researchers who are looking into cancer research – The ASEAN Costs in Oncology (ACTION) Study and the PACED initiative. The ACTION researchers from our Department are Assoc Prof Dr Nirmala Bhoo-Pathy and Assoc Prof Dr Ng Chiu Wan. Based on their findings of the ACTION study and other sub-studies, the National Cancer Control Programmes in three countries – Malaysia, Vietnam, and Myanmar are being drafted and revised to include cancer survivorship as an important component in cancer control.

The second study is called the PACED initiative – Promoting Awareness of Cancer and Early Detection Initiative. The primary hypothesis underlying the PACED initiative is by promoting public awareness on cancer warning signs and symptoms and stressing the value of early presentation will result in a higher proportion of patients with cancer being diagnosed at a stage early enough to undergo potentially curative treatment and thus improve survival rates and quality of life as well as impacting on costs of cancer care including the costs to the person with cancer and their family. Under the PACED initiative project, the Be Cancer Alert mass media Campaign for colorectal cancer and breast cancer will be conducted in April and October 2018. The PACED researchers from our SPM Dept are Assoc Prof Dr Tin Tin Su and Prof Maznah Dahlui.

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