39th Asia Pacific Academic Consortium for Public Health

Dr Nabilla al-Sadat Abdul Mohsein and Dr Moy Foong Ming from the SPM department attended the 39th Asia Pacific Academic Consortium for Public Health in Kagawa Nutrition University, Sakado city, Saitama, Japan from the 23 to 25 November 2007. Other faculty members who attended the APACPH conference were Professor Ikram Shah Ismail (Dean of the Medical Faculty), Professor Atiya Ab Sallam and Professor Sarinah Low Wah Yun. The conference was attended by 495 participants from 21 Asia Pacific countries.

Both Dr Nabilla and Dr Moy presented their research findings orally in the conference. The topics of their presentations were “Why girls smoked in Malaysia” by Dr Nabilla and “Dietary modification in a workplace health promotion program in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia” by Dr Moy.

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