The UM Research, Inventions & Innovation Expo 2007

The Research, Inventions & Innovation Expo was held at the Dewan Tunku Chancellor, the University of Malaya from 26-28 July 2007.

The Expo Galleries were made up of:

  1. Research Gallery – showcasing 235 projects in the five research clusters: Biosciences & Biotechnology, Health and Allied Sciences, Physical Sciences and Engineering, Social Sciences and Humanities and Information and Communication Technology
  2. Ready–To-Market Gallery – which exhibited results of projects those were ready to be commercialized.
  3. Services Gallery – which showcased service providers such as the Institute of Postgraduate Studies, University of Malaya Consultancy Unit, Faculty of Dentistry, Projek Mas, Information Technology Centre, University of Malaya Co-operative Bookstore Bhd., Department of the Publication University of Malaya, Centre for Industrial Training and Relations and others.

In addition to the above, there was also a special section on “Touching Lives Through Research” which was devoted to projects that had benefited the community and enhanced the quality of life.

Talks/Interactive Sessions were also being conducted concurrently.

There were three posters being put up in the Research Gallery from the staff of the SPM Department. The titles of the posters were:

  1. Does severity of visual impairment predict depression in elderly Malaysian? Noran Naqiah Hairi, MMG. Izunna, Awang Bulgiba, Z. Mimiwati, Mas Ayu Said
  2. The pattern of expenditure of undergraduates at the University of Malaya Moy Foong Ming, Johari Surin, Ismail Yusoff, Rosli Mahat, Tie Fatt Hee, Wan Mohd Azhar Wan Ibrahim, Noor Azina Ismail; Awarded Bronze Medal
  3. Changes in the leading causes of death among Malaysians. 1970-2002: Implications and challenges. Prof Shyamala Nagaraj, A/Prof Tey Nai Peng, Balambigai Balakrishnan, Ng Chiu Wan. Awarded Gold Medal

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