Guardians of Well-Being: Protecting Our Daughters from the Vaping Epidemic

Welcome to our department’s dedicated space, where we strive to protect the gems of our society – our daughters – from the growing vaping culture. We are currently facing a crisis, with approximately one in four Malaysian teenage girls falling into the trap of vaping. This number surpasses the combined total of smokers, drinkers, and drug users. As women, mothers, and proud Malaysians, we are deeply troubled by this trend and are committed to preventing this harmful habit from damaging our girls.

As guardians of our daughters’ well-being, we are steadfast in our mission to combat the rising threat of vaping among Malaysian teenage girls. Our collective efforts, reflected in the impactful letters to the editor, including an article that graced the front pages of local newspapers, mark just the beginning of our commitment to raising awareness and fostering change. By uniting as a community, we can break the chains of this harmful trend and ensure a healthier future for the gems of our society. Join us in this vital journey, and together, let’s create a world where our daughters thrive, free from the dangers of the vaping culture. For further insights and updates, explore our featured write-up. Together, we can make a lasting impact on the well-being of our beloved daughters.

This summary was written by Associate Professor Dr Nur Amani Ahmad Tajuddin, Deputy Coordinator of Nicotine Addiction Research and Collaborating Group (NARCC) And Family Medicine Specialist, Universiti Malaya; Dr Siti Idayu Hasan, Member of Nicotine Addiction Research and Collaborating Group (NARCC) and Impact Officer at Universiti Malaya Community Engagement Centre (UMCares); and Associate Professor Dr Farizah Mohd Hairi, Member of Nicotine Addiction Research and Collaborating Group (NARCC) And Public Health Medicine Specialist, Universiti Malaya.

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