COVID-19 – Health Education Needs to be Innovative

In an interview with the Star newspaper on the questions of why Selangor faces a higher risk, Professor Datuk Dr Awang Bulgiba Awang Mahmud said that one worry concerning the rise in cases in Selangor was that the state had a large migrant population because of its economic output and if the virus takes hold in that population, it will be difficult to eradicate.

He also said that laxity in adherence to SOP may increase if people think that the disease was not a threat until a spike occurs.

He mentioned that our health education needs to be innovative and continuous. He suggested to involve behavioural scientists in the design of the health education.

He said that messages need to be packaged properly. It should not talk down to people. It needs to be targeted for different groups.

The message should let people feel that they are part of this war against the pandemic.

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