Calming the Stallions

Teenagers have boundless energy, strive for independence and yearn to be with their friends. Given these characteristics, how do we manage teenagers who refuse to be restrained, who are not allowed to hang out with their friends and whose plans have been turned upside down by the coronavirus? Having three of her own teenagers, Assoc Prof Dr Nik Dahliana Nik Farid shared her experience and expertise on the strategies to encourage teenagers to stay at home in a letter published in the News Straits Times. Here is a summary of her advise:

  1. Monitor the teenagers
  2. Help teenagers connect with their peers
  3. Improve your teenagers’ awareness of COVID-19
  4. Give your teenagers your full attention
  5. Help your teenagers to be productive
  6. Make a daily schedule for your teenagers
  7. Have an open discussion 
  8. Be a good role model 

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