Congratulations Dr Roslaili Khairudin on the successful completion of her Doctor of Public Health Viva Voce

The Department would like to congratulate Dr Roslaili Khairudin on the successful completion of passing her Doctor of Public Health viva voce. The title of her thesis is ‘Mental Health Help-Seeking and Access to Services among Adolescents in Selangor: A Mixed Methods Study’. The study aimed to determine help-seeking behaviour, the factors influencing the use of mental health services as well as barriers to help-seeking for mental health problems among late adolescents in Selangor. It was found that 53.2% of adolescents had sought help from any of the services in the past 12 months regardless of their current mental health status. Of these, only 3.7% sought help from formal mental health services. The qualitative findings found that ‘concern about being judged’ or ‘labelled’ was the most common barrier to seeking professional help. The findings suggest the importance of enhancing Malaysian adolescent’s knowledge of mental health, increasing awareness of the availability of mental health resources and improving help-seeking behaviour and access to mental health services. Dr Roslaili was supervised by Dr Nik Daliana Nik Farid and Dr Maslinor Ismail.

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