UMMP Population Medicine Presentation 2018 – Promotion of healthy eating in campus

The theme for this year’s University of Malaya Medical Programme Population Medicine project for Year-1 medical students was the Promotion of Healthy Eating on Campus. The students are divided according to their small groups of four students each to conduct a research on the Promotion of Healthy Eating on Campus using the tools of SWOT analysis (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threats). The students were given around one month to complete the project and to present the completed project in the form of a video and poster presentation. Associate Professor Prof Moy Fong Ming, Dr Lim Sin How and Ms Suhaili Suboh from the Department of SPM and the Faculty of Medicine, Medical Education Unit were in-charge of organising the programme.

The videos and posters were first judged by lecturers and the six short-listed videos and four posters were presented to the class and judges on the 04 June 2018 for another round of judging. The judges for both preliminary and final presentation are Professor Dr Christina Tan Phoay Lay from the Department of Primary Care Medicine, Professor Dr Jamiyah Hassan form the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Dr Tan Guo Jeng form the Department of Medicine, and Professor Dr Victor Hoe Chee Wai, Associate Professor Choo Wan Yuen and Dr Nik Daliana Nik Farid from the Department of Social and Preventive Medicine.

The six videos that were short-listed are

  • Group 4B – Langkeas Mohanavel, Haziq Hafizhuddin Rashide, Prasath Selvam,  Belinda Nicole Aloysius
  • Group 6B – Tan Jia Jin, Nor Aimi Alfian, Anis Sofia Nasir, Mardhiahtul Nadhrah Fasihah Md Nazri
  • Group 10A – Mior Mohamad Arif Mior Hasafi, Syed Amir Akasha, Adikharan Shanmugam, Shahfrenzan Sairi
  • Group 12B – Tan Chee Yang, Wee Liang Qi, Mashitah, Syahidah
  • Group 15A – Miraahdevi Muthuckumar, Leow Yong Wen, Lam Thian Yin, Muhammad Luqmanul Hakim Mohd Roslan
  • Group 15B – Teh Ru En, Pon Suek Xuan, Fam Sze Khiong, Nurin Azizah Ismail

The four posters that were short-listed are

  • Group 6B – Tan Jia Jin, Nor Aimi Alfian, Anis Sofia Nasir and Mardhiahtul Nadhrah Fasihah Md Nazri
  • Group 8A – Nur Syahida Sekeri, Lee-Boey JWS, Mohd Syamil Mohd Suhani, Nik Abdul Muhaimin N Hisham
  • Group 15B – Teh Ru En, Pon Suek Xuan, Fam Sze Khiong, and Nurin Azizah Ismail
  • Group 16A – Loh Hui Jee, Mohamad Ilham Ahmad Nordin, Nik Ammar Nashriq Mohd Adnan, Nor Atikah Abdul Rahman

The first, second and third place winners for the videos are Group 15B, 10A and 4B respectively, and the winner for the poster is Group 8A. All the winners received book vouchers worth between RM100 and RM300.

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