The link between abuse and premature death among Elderly in Malaysia

Percentage of mortality among older adults in Kuala Pilah according to subtypes of EAN *sexual abuse was excluded because the number of cases was too small
In Malaysia, the Prevent Elder Abuse and negleCt initiativE (PEACE), a research into elder abuse and neglect (EAN) has indicated a link between abuse and premature death, with pattern differences between males and females. Financial abuse is found to be more common than other subtypes (physical, psychological, sexual and neglect), and comprises the group with the largest percentage of mortality. They found that 4.5% older adults in the rural area reported having been mistreated in the last 12 months, whereas the lifetime prevalence was 8.1%. On the other hand, 9.6% urban poor elders reported having experienced abuse in the past 12-months in another study. Contrary to the global finding which showed that psychological abuse was most common, financial abuse was the leading subtype in rural Malaysia.
The dose-response relationship between EAN clustering and death percentages, along with gender differences in mortality.

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