Family Day 2015

The Department of Social and Preventive Medicine held their annual Family Day on Saturday, 4th of April 2015 with the aim to foster unity and team spirit among the department members, including postgraduate students. The event for this year was held at Taman Pertanian Bukit Cahaya in Shah Alam. It was organized by an appointed committee consisting of lecturers, administrative staffs and postgraduate students of Masters in Public Health and Masters of Medical Science in Public Health (Batch 2015). The day was officiated by our beloved Head of Department, Prof Dr Maznah Dahlui, followed with a gimmick multimedia presentation and aerobic exercise session.

There were many activities organized on the day for both adults and children. The event was themed as “Calling All Superheroes” and saw many of the attendees, particularly children dressed up in their favourite character costumes. Superheroes themed photo booth and a face-painting corner was also prepared to add to the merry of the day. Everyone had fun capturing their cherished photo-moments, with some donning up their faces as their favourite characters. Among the activities held for the children were Musical Chair, Pin the Smile on the Joker, colouring and mask making contests. The adults had fun too by playing games named as Go Around the World, Boogeyman Shower and Kryptonite Explodes. They were organized in such a way to ensure a good mix of department members and students in each game played.

Many lucky draw prizes presented throughout the day and every child present went home smiling with presents and souvenirs. Winning prizes were also allocated for best-dressed children as per the theme of the event. The day was concluded with prizing giving ceremony for all the contests and game winners. The event achieved its objective, saw an improved team spirit and fostered better understanding among the department members, as well as among the students. It was a success and three months spent on preparation were fruitfully paid off.

Report prepared by Dr Jaseema Begum

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