Sharing Best Practice with PT Medikaloka Hermina

In the time of the COVID19 pandemic, many processes and procedure are new, many healthcare facilities in Malaysia and the region have not developed their own procedure and processes to manage the COVID-19 outbreak. In the University Malaya Medical Centre, we were lucky that we started the process in early January 2020, we have the time to plan and get things in order. When the PT Medikaloka Hermina a private healthcare organisation with 32 hospital in Jakarta, Indonesia asked for help, we are more than willing to share. This is to ensure all healthcare workers have the knowledge to protect themselves.

Today, Associate Professor Dr Marzuki Isahak and Professor Dr Victor Hoe had a teleconference with the PT Medikaloka Hermina. They share their experience on the safety and health measure that has been put in place in UMMC. Dr Marzuki also shares how UMMC conduct risk assessments, contact tracing and symptoms surveillance for healthcare workers.

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