The International Conference on Health Sciences 2005

The staff and the Master of Public Health candidates have eleven posters presented during the International Conference on Health Sciences which was held from 6-8 August 2005. The ICHS was part of the University of Malaya’s 100-year celebration.

The topics for the posters are:

No.NamePoster’s TitlePosition
1A/P Dr. Awang BulgibaNeural networks versus multiple logistic regression in AMI diagnosisLecturer
2Dr Quek Kia FattA screening results of anaemia among infants in an Okinawan Village , Japan : A Retrospective StudyLecturer
3Dr Zairina bt A RahmanComputer and ergonomic factors in relation to work realted upper limbs symptomsMPH candidate
4Dr. Farizah HairiClients’ experience in University Malaya Medical Centre (UMMC)MPH candidate
5Dr. IzzunaQuality of asthma care in government primary care clinics in Kuala Langat DistrictMPH candidate
6Dr. IzzunaDepression among elderly malay community in Kuala Langat DistrictMPH candidate
7Dr. Mas Ayu SaidA pilot study : Prevalence of smoking among spouses of pregnant women in UMMCLecturer
8Dr. Noran Naqiah HairiAssociation between body mass index and age related CataractLecturer
9Dr. Victor Hoe Chee WaiPerception and attitude on premarital HIV screening amongst th erural community in the district of Larut, Matang and Selama, PerakLecturer
10Ms. Moy Foong MingStages of change in physical activity in a worksite wellness programDietician
11A/P Dr Atiya Ab. SallamMedical Students’ attitudes and behaviour towards reading medical literatureHOD/Lecturer

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