Harry Campbell

Professor Harry Campbell is the Professor of Genetic Epidemiology and Public Health from the Public Health Sciences Section of the Division of Community Health Sciences in The University of Edinburgh Medical School in Scotland. Professor Harry Campbell is responsible for coordinating the Public Health Vertical Theme in the undergraduate medical curriculum and a module on International Health in the postgraduate MSc programmes in Public Health Research, Life Sciences and Quantitative Genetics and Genome Analysis.

His research is in,

  1. Genetics epidemiology studies
  2. Colorectal cancer genetics
  3. Health Services Research – cancer genetics
  4. International Child Health

Prof Harry Campbell has published over 100 articles, his three recent articles are,

  1. Rudan I, Carothers AD, Polasek O,Hayward C, Vitart V,Biloglav Z,Kolcic I,Janicijevic B,Smolej-Narancic N,Barac-Lauc L,Pericic M, Weber JF,Rudan P,Hastie N,Wright A, Campbell H.Quantifying the increase in average human heterozygosity due to urbanization Eur J Human Genet 2007: in press
  2. Vitart V, Rudan I, Hayward C*, Floyd J, Gray, NK, Palmer CNA, Knott SA, Kolcic I, Polasek O, Graessler J, Wilson JF, Marinaki A, Riches PL, Janicijevic B, Smolej-Narancic N, Gorgoni B, Morgan J, Campbell S, Biloglav Z, Barac-Lauc L, Pericic M, Martinovic Klaric I, Zgaga L, Hohenstein P, Wild SH, Shu X, Kimber CH, Richardson WA, Tenesa A, Fairbanks LD, Aringer M, McKeigue PM, Ralston S, Morris AD, Rudan P, Hastie ND‡, Campbell H‡, Wright AF‡ (‡ joint last author) The major facilitator superfamily member SLC2A9 is a novel uric acid transporter influencing serum urate concentrations, urate excretion and gout. Nat Genet 2007: under revision after review by the journal
  3. Emma Jaeger, Emily Webb, Kimberley Howarth, Luis Carvajal-Carmona, Andrew Rowan, Peter Broderick, Axel Walther, Sarah Spain, Alan Pittman, Zoe Kemp, Kate Sullivan, Karl Heinimann, Steven Lubbe, Enric Domingo, Ella Barclay, Lynn Martin, Maggie Gorman, Ian Chandler, Jayaram Vijayakrishnan, Wendy Wood, Elli Papaemmanuil, Steven Penegar, Mobshra Qureshi, members of the CORGI Consortium, Malcolm Dunlop, Harry Campbell, Jean-Baptiste Cazier, David Kerr, Richard Gray, Julian Peto, Huw Thomas, Richard Houlston, Ian Tomlinson Common genetic variants at the HMPS/CRAC1 locus on chromosome 15q13.3 influence the risk of colorectal cancer in the UK population. Nat Genet 2007: in press

Visits to the Department

April 2008External examiner for the Master of Public Health (Epidemiology) examination
April 2007External examiner for the Master of Public Health and Master of Medical Science (Public Health) examination