Master of Public Health Speciality Programme

This programme has been discontinued.

By 1992, many changes had already taken place in the country as well as in the national health services and it was felt that all these changes had an influence on the practice of public health.

It was with this in mind that a concept paper to propose “a system of education or training at the postgraduate level and a career development channel in the field of Public Health in Malaysia” was produced by the Department of Social and Preventive Medicine.

This culminated in the initiation of a 4-years Masters of Public Health Speciality training programme. This includes one year of general public health instruction and training (Master of Public Health), followed by three years of specialist training. The first nine students graduated in 1999 specialising in Health Services Management, Hospital Management and Epidemiology. The programme was offered from 1998 till 2008. There are currently 0 MPH (Speciality) graduates;

Entry Requirement

  1. Posses a medical qualification (the degree of Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery of the University of equivalent medical qualification approved by the Senate ) and be
  2. Fully registered as a medical practitioner by the proper authority in the candidate’s home country;
  3. At least one year of post-registration general medical experience approved by the Senate; and
  4. Possesses the Master of Public Health degree of the University or an equivalent qualification approved by the Senate.

Structure of the Programme

This is a three years programme, which is divided into two parts;

First part (First year)

The candidate will have a choice of four speciality programme to specialise in, i.e.;

  1. Masters of Public Health (Health Services Management)
  2. Masters of Public Health (Epidemiology)
  3. Masters of Public Health (Family Health)
  4. Masters of Public Health (Occupational Health)

During this part, the candidate will be given specialise instruction based on the speciality that has been chosen. They will also have field visits, seminars, case studies, and elective postings. The candidate will have to come up with a research proposal for a research to be completed during the second part of the programme. The topic for the research should be based on the speciality that the candidate has chosen. The candidate will have to sit for an examination at the end of this part.

Second part (Second and third year)

On successful completion of the First Part, the candidate will be posted to Hospital, Districts Health Office, Ministry of Health (Federal), other government agencies and Private sectors on a rotational basis for the experiential learning. During this period which is two years long, the candidate will have to do assignments given by the Academic and Field Supervisors, and complete the research that has been proposed during the second part. The candidate will be subjected to a viva-voce on the research.