Road Traffic Injury Prevention in Malaysia

Road Traffic Injury Prevention in Malaysia


11 May 2023    
14:00 - 17:00


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Join our informative webinar on “Road Traffic Injury Prevention in Malaysia” where experts in the field will discuss on:

  • Fitness to Drive for Commercial Fleets
  • Policy Issues in Road Safety
  • The magnitude of Road Traffic Injuries in Malaysia
  • Commuting Crashes
  • Trauma Management in Primary Care Setting
  • Advocating for Road Safety in Children

Gain valuable insights into the latest research, policies, and best practices in road safety, and learn how you can contribute to creating a safer environment for all road users. Do not miss this opportunity to be part of the discussion and make a positive impact on road traffic injury prevention in Malaysia. Register now and mark your calendar for an engaging session filled with knowledge-sharing and actionable insights.