Congratulation Efizuliana on completion of your Master of Epidemiology programme

The Department would like to congratulate Ms Efizuliana Shahruddin on the completion on her Master of Epidemiology programme from the Universiti Malaya. Ms Efizuliana is the first graduate from the programme.

The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the crucial role of epidemiologists in public health decision-making and resource allocation, against a backdrop of challenges such as ageing populations and chronic diseases. In response, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics anticipates a surge in demand for epidemiologists over the next decade. With the importance of evidence-based approaches in the medical field, the SPM department has launched a new Master of Epidemiology programme in 2022.

This program aims to equip aspiring epidemiologists with the skills to work across various sectors, including academia, government, and international health agencies. The one-year, 42-credit program offers concentrations in Clinical and Public Health Epidemiology, targeting individuals with a background in epidemiology, quantitative research, or health. It is designed to develop foundational knowledge in epidemiology and biostatistics, crucial for understanding disease causes and evaluating health interventions.

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