Congratulations Professor Dr Victor Hoe on your MMA Meritorious Award 2023

The department is delighted to extend our warmest congratulations to our Head of Department, Professor Dr Victor Hoe on being honoured with the prestigious MMA Meritorious Award 2023. This remarkable achievement was celebrated on the 8th of September 2023, during the 63rd MMA Annual General Meeting, held in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

Professor Dr. Victor Hoe’s contributions to the Malaysian Medical Association have been nothing short of exemplary. His dedicated service has spanned over two decades, since becoming a Life Member since 2002. Throughout this time, he has held pivotal roles at both branch and national levels, consistently elevating the association’s reputation and standing, not only within Malaysia but also on the international stage.

Dr. Hoe’s impact extends beyond the administrative realm; his groundbreaking research has garnered recognition and accolades, with his work regularly featured in prestigious medical journals. He has also generously shared his expertise as an editor for various medical publications, including the Medical Journal of Malaysia.

The MMA Meritorious Award 2023 is a testament to Professor Dr Victor Hoe’s unwavering commitment to advancing the field of medicine, his tireless dedication to the Malaysian Medical Association, and his profound influence on the medical community. This honour is richly deserved, and it reflects the respect and gratitude of his colleagues and peers.

As we celebrate this momentous occasion, let us also express our heartfelt appreciation to Professor Dr Victor Hoe for his outstanding contributions. His legacy serves as an inspiration to us all, motivating us to strive for excellence in the service of healthcare and the betterment of our society.

Once again, congratulations Professor Dr Victor Hoe, on this well-deserved recognition! Your achievements are a source of pride and inspiration for our members of the department.

This write-up was written by Muhammad Haizril Arif Md Mokhtar, Department of Social and Preventive Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, Universiti Malaya.

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