“Wearing a mask is a small sacrifice”

The government announced yesterday that the wearing mask in the public area will be compulsory for August 1, 2020.

In an interview with the Star Newspaper, Prof Dr Victor Hoe discusses the reason for wearing face masks and how to wear the facemask correctly.

He said the before putting on the face mask, we must ensure our hands are clean with either soap and water or hand sanitiser before touching the mask. We must check the inner surface to ensure it is clean and when putting on the mask, we should not touch the inner surface of the mask.

He added that wearing a mask or face covering would protect others from getting the virus if one was sick. He said that while it was recommended for everyone to wear a face-covering when in public areas, wearing it wrong simply defeated the purpose.

He added that people should continue observing social distancing, maintaining hand hygiene and wearing a mask.

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