Living with the New Norm – caring for healthcare workers

Today the Malaysia Productivity Cooperation‘s Private Healthcare Productivity Nexus organised a Webinar on the Living with the New Norm – Caring for the healthcare workers. There were around 180 participants who attended the webinar.

The session was chaired and moderated by Dr Kevin Ng Wei Shan, the SCHOMOS Chairman, Malaysian Medical Association, an Anaesthesiologist and a Medical Lecturer from the Faculty of Medicine, University of Malaya. The panellist consists of Dr Ravivarna Rao Panirselvam, a Psychiatrist, mental health advocate and suicide prevention researcher from Hospital Miri, Sarawak and Prof Dr Victor Hoe from the Department.

The session started off with Dr Hoe speaking on the topic “New Norm – Back to Basic” and Dr Ravi on Health Workers. Dr Ravi shared his experience of managing the COVID-19 pandemic in Hospital Miri from the perspective of a psychiatrist. While, Dr Hoe, reminded the participants to focus on the basic, i.e., understanding the epidemiology of the disease, conduct workplace risk assessment and implementation of the risk control measure.

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