Breast Cancer Survivors Conquer Mt Kinabalu – “Healthy Lifestyle for your Life, Nothing is Impossible”

With the support and encouragement from Associate Prof Dr Hazreen Abdul Majid, 13 breast cancer (BC) survivors were able to complete the climb up to the peak of the Mount Kinabalu in Sabah on the 18th April 2019. The survivors were proud to have conquered the highest mountain in Southeast Asia, even though they are battled the No. 1 cancer affecting women in Malaysia. Dr Hazreen said that this is not just an ordinary hiking trip. It is together with the BC survivors who had battelled stage 1-3 cancer. He wants to shows that there is life after BC. He also informed that the survivors have trained weekly for almost 15 months. The message is clear, to encourage women to go for regular breast examination for early detection. In addition, to look after their lifestyle and diet.

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