Welcome MPH Students for the 2018/20219 Sem 2 Intake

The Department would like to welcome the Master of Public Health students for the 2018/2019 Sem 2 Intake. This is the first time the Master of Public Health programme is having two intakes per academic year; i.e., September and February. The orientation program for our new MPH students was held from the 11-15 February 2019. Semester 2 will be starting from Monday, 18 February 2019.

We welcome the following students who joined us for the Orientation

  1. Adam bin Mohd Alias
  2. Ahmad Ikhwan Shah bin Akhtar Ali
  3. AKM Rafiul amin Khan
  4. Balraj Sethi
  5. Chin May Ling
  6. Christpine Menti Anak Sarie
  7. Erni Zurina Romli
  8. Harpeet Kaur a/p Baldave Singh
  9. Jacelyn Ong Jia Whey
  10. Kong Yek Ching
  11. Mak Suit Wan
  12. Muhammad Khairul Asraf Shah Nizamuddin
  13. Ng Yit Han
  14. Nor Amir Zakuan bin Panizan
  15. Reynuga a/p S. Prebagaran
  16. Sabrina Sharmin
  17. Siti Sabrina Kamarudin
  18. Sri Viknarajan a/l Puvendran
  19. Suha Shafeq Radman Ali
  20. Yap Soong Yiing
  21. Yusmi bin Mohd Yunus

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