COVID-19: Lessons from Melbourne’s lockdown

If Malaysia is to avoid the re-impose of the Movement Control Order like in Melbourne, Australia, Malaysian needs to be self-discipline and adhere to standard operating procedures (SOP). In an interview with the News Strait Times, Prof Datuk Dr Awang Bulgiba Awang Mahmud said “There are two main things that can go wrong in this pandemic and it happened in Melbourne. Complacency and imported cases. Complacency has led to the relaxation of strict procedures.”

He said that we must ensure that the message about the SOP and physical distancing reach all communities including the many economically-disadvantaged people from multi-cultural backgrounds and migrant population. We must reduce language and cultural barriers.

He further stressed that “We have to be on guard until the pandemic dies down globally”.

In the same report, Prof Dr Sanjay Rampal Lehkraj Rampal said that as the threat of the disease would always be present, it was crucial for Malaysia to implement a robust and extensive surveillance system to enable it to predict the next big outbreak.

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