Workshop to Align the Public Health Medicine Specialty in Malaysia

The two days workshop was jointly organized by the College of Public Health Medicine, Academy of Medicine Malaysia, National Specialist Registry (NSR) Specialty Subcommittee on Public Health and the Public Health Development Division of Ministry of Health Malaysia was held on the 23 and 24 March 2018. The participants included representatives from the Ministry of Health, Academy of Medicine Malaysia, NSR, the Ministry of Defence and the Public Health Conjoint Committee representatives. Prof Sanjay Rampal, Prof Victor Hoe and Assoc Prof Noran Hairi represented the University of Malaya. Over the two days, the participants discussed the criteria for registering as a Public Health Medicine Specialist with the NSR and the criteria for the field of interest recognition. There were seven fields of interest discussed, i.e., Epidemiology (Communicable Disease), Epidemiology (Non-communicable Disease), Biostatistics, Management, Occupational Health, Environmental Health, and Military Medicine.

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