Visits by Associate Professor Dr Simon Barraclough from the School of Public Health in La Trobe University, Australia

Associate Professor Dr Simon Barraclough from the School of Public Health in La Trobe University, Australia visited the Department on the 12 March 2010. He had presented information about the School of Public Health and explored some area of cooperation including research, examiners and student attachments.

Dr Simon Barraclough, is an associate professor in the School of Public Health and teaches an advanced health policy subject. He has also developed a pioneering subject in Australia’s international health relations and has supervised research students from Australia, Malaysia,
Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Bhutan, Laos, Bangladesh, Pakistan and the Philippines. He has a
longstanding interest in Malaysian society.

Here are some of his selected publications on Malaysia:

  • Simon Barraclough and Martha Morrow, “A grim contradiction: the practice and consequences of corporate social responsibility by British American Tobacco in Malaysia” Social Science and Medicine 66, 2008: 1784-1796
  • Chee Heng Leng and Simon Barraclough (eds) Health Care in Malaysia: The dynamics of provision, financing and access, Routledge, London, 2007
  • Simon Barraclough and Phua Kai Lit, “Chronicling health care policy change in Malaysia: from consensus to an uncertain and contested agenda Phua, K.L. ed. Malaysia: Public Policy and Marginalised Groups. Kajang, Malaysia: Persatuan Sains Sosial Malaysia, 2007, 15-30
  • Simon Barraclough “Health imperatives in foreign policy: the case of Malaysia Bulletin of the World Health Organization March 2007 85 (3) 225-229
  • Simon Barraclough & Yong Check Yoon A vital microcosm: packaging and cigarette brand promotion in the wake of Malaysia’s tighter tobacco control regulations Journal of Epidemiology and Public Health on Noncommunicable Diseases in Malaysia 5;1 2006
  • Simon Barraclough, “The Malaysian Tobacco Industry, Globalisation and Public Health: New Opportunities for Tobacco Control”. In Mohd Hazim Shah and Phua Kai Lit (eds) Public Policy, Culture and the Impact of Globalisation in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur: Persatuan Sains Social Malaysia, 2004
  • Martha Morrow and Simon Barraclough, “Tobacco control and gender in southeast Asia. Part I: Malaysia and the Philippines, Health Promotion International, Vol.18, No3 (2003)
  • Simon Barraclough, “The Politics of Privatization in the Malaysian Health Care System”, Contemporary Southeast Asia, Vol. 22 No.2 August 2000
  • Simon Barraclough, “Constraints on the retreat from a welfare-orientated approach to public health care in Malaysia ” Health Policy Vol.47, 1999
  • Simon Barraclough, “The Growth of Corporate Private Hospitals in Malaysia: Policy Contradictions in Health System Pluralism”, International Journal of Health Services, Vol. 27, No.4, 1997

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