A Visit to the National University of Singapore

Assoc Prof Dr Retneswari and Dr Azlan Darus visited the Centre for Environmental and Occupational Health Research at the Department of Epidemiology and Public Health at the National University of Singapore on the 18 May 2009. The objective of this visit is to survey the current laboratory service to plan for the Occupational And Environmental Health Lab.

They met with the acting head, Prof. Chia Sing Eng who gave a rundown on the development of their laboratory and research centre, which gives a very good insight on the development of our own research centre. This was followed by a walkthrough to the laboratories by Mr Ong Her Nam and Ms Vivian Ng. They explained the facilities and requirements for all the equipment and environment for the laboratories. The walkthrough had been very useful in understanding the requirements of setting up our own occupational and environmental health laboratory.

The next day was spent going through the occupational hygiene equipment and laboratory. They were brought around by Ms Vivian Ng and Mr Khoo Ngee Yau. This was followed by the development of the floor plan for our Occupational and Environmental Health Lab, with references made to the NUS lab setting and the UKM lab setting which was visited earlier. The day was concluded at noon before they head to the airport for their flight home.

The department would like to express our gratitude to the Department of Epidemiology and Public Health at the National University of Singapore for entertaining our visit and generosity in sharing their experiences in managing the Occupational and Environmental Health Lab. Special thanks to Ms Vivian Ng who accompanied us throughout the visit and her colleagues Mr Ong Her Nam and Mr Khoo Ngee Yau for their time to see us during the visit.

Following the visit, the layout plan for the laboratory was completed and submitted together with the proposal for the EOH Research Centre for funding.

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