Using EndNote X1

The 7th of May saw yet another successful seminar conducted on “ENDNOTE” by the Department of Social and Preventive Medicine (SPM), Faculty  of Madicine. University of Malaya.

The workshop took of with an introduction by Professor Dr  Awang Bulgiba Awang Mahmud, the Head of the Department of  SPM, on bibliography  software and Endnote. Though there have been other bibliography software being used lately, Endnote was taken up well because it has been recommended by University Malaya  and also appears much more user-friendly.

Dr  Moy Foong Mingenlightened everyone with the manual data entry  and deleting methods, furthering on managing the libraries. She focused on creating, deleting and copying from one library to another and the interesting session was learning to edit styles from one to another based on one’s needs and requirements. Searching an online database directly from Endnote was an added information  to the earlier manual method.

Prof  Awang kept all the participants captivated  on how to import citations from ScienceDirect, download full-text and link files from citations using Endnote. Prof Awang also demonstarted how to import Reference Manager Database and PubMed citations into Endnote.

Other sessions followed enabling participants to insert citations into a word document, change styles and create an unformatted reference list.

The afternoon  ‘Hands –On’ sessions  kept everyone busy till the end  as the exercises were as challenging as ever with some of the participants facing internet ‘hiccups’. Everyone tried their best to learn as much as they could as it appeared so useful to the participants where Endnote seemed relevant to the groups who were manly researchers within and outside the Medical Faculty.

There was an overwhelming response and good feedback  by participants to this courses and the Department of SPM plans to conduct  another in the near future.

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