Deeparaya Celebration 2006

Every year during the time of Hari Raya, the deparment and the Master candidates usually will organised a party to celebrate this occassion, and this year in the “Open-house” is celebrated as “Deeparaya Celebration” . This is to celebrate both the Deepavali which fall on the 21st October 2006 and Hari Raya which falls on the 24th October 2006

Open-house is a popular tradition practice in Malaysia during the festival seasons; Hari Raya, Deepavali, Christmas and Chinese New Year. The various community will organised this and invite their friends and neighbours for the occasion so that the joy can be shared by all.

This year the celebration is more colourfull as some of the Masters candidates came in their traditional dresses and some even brought along families and friends. There sumptious spread of Malaysian food, including the famous satay. Any for this year the Masters candidates even organised lucky-draw.

The children received the “Duit Raya” from our very own Dato.

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