Nondietary Factors and Nutrition

The chapter is part of the book, Human Nutrition (A Comprehensive Treatise): Nutrition and Growth (Vol 2) edited by Jelliffe DB and Jelliffe EFP.

Summary: “Growth depends on adequate intake of food which must not only be digested and absorbed but also utilized by the body. Several factors influence and interfere in this process of digestion, absorption, and utilization, the chief among which are infection and metabolic disorders. Food intake itself is influenced not only by infection and loss of appetite but also by the availability of foods, which is partly dependent on socioeconomic factors, catastrophies, and the ecological balance that the human being has achieved with the environment. However, not all available and potentially edible materials are recognized or preferred as foods. Each culture views foods according to its own cultural perspective.”

Author:Paul CY Chen

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Details: 1979
Publisher: Springer
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