11th HTAsiaLink Conference 2023 Malaysia

11th HTAsiaLink Conference 2023 Malaysia


04 Sep 2023 - 07 Sep 2023    
All Day

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The COVID-19 pandemic has left us with a multitude of experiences, lessons and memories that were meaningful in paving the future landscape of HTA. Throughout the pandemic, the HTA communities have learned the importance of expedited evaluation in response to public health emergencies, effective communication and collaboration, leveraging international networking and the role of HTA in accelerating access to innovative health technologies. Following this, numerous opportunities have emerged that warrant further dialogue and deliberation on a global scale.

Thus, in this year’s conference, the discussion on the evolution of HTA should be continued by taking a step further to reshape the role of HTA in response to public health emergencies and preparedness, as well as innovative health technologies, while also simultaneously reshifting the value assessment by strengthening the wider perspectives from patient and public.

As per usual, the 11th HTAsiaLink Annual Conference is a member-only event. However, attendance at pre-conference sessions is welcomed for everyone who is interested. All member organizations are invited to participate in this prestigious regional HTA conference by submitting their completed or ongoing research papers for oral and poster presentations.

Let’s celebrate our friendship as we mark our 11th successful year of working together, stay united and join forces to create memories that will serve as constant reminders of the value of this network!

Malaysia awaits you!!