Breast Cancer Survivor Cookbook

Get this latest book on “BreastCancer Survivor Cookbook” edited by Assoc Prof Hazreen Abd Majid from Centre for Population Health, Department of Social and Preventive Medicine, University of Malaya.

The book is intended for those who wish to make a difference in their cooking practices. It is important for both breast cancer survivors and the general public out there to understand that cooking healthy dishes is possible without jeopardizing the taste and quality of the dishes. Adopting a healthy lifestyle is an important strategy to ensure each individual can minimize their chances of developing non-communicable diseases. Eating healthily and having variety in food intake is one of the important elements in disease prevention. This book starts with the recipes for breakfast, main course dishes, and dessert and some healthy tips at the end. It also provides the nutritional breakdown for each dish thus will help the users to understand more about the recipes/ nutrient content. The uniqueness of this book is the shared recipes by our breast cancer survivors and not just by the diet experts. The recipes were modified so that the dishes can be nutritious and tasty. This book will benefit breast cancer survivors particularly and the general public.

Editor: Hazreen Abdul Majid
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Detail: 59 pages (2017)
Publisher: Universiti Malaya Press
ISBN: 978-983-100-929-1