Master of Public Health

This programme seeks to produce specialist who has a strong foundation in the broad field of Public Health as well as adequate training and preparation to take up special functions as required in the speciality discipline of his or her own choice. The programme was started in 1973 and the first batch graduated in 1974. (History of MPH programme in Malaysia)

The MPH graduate should have the following public health skills,

  1. Technically competent in the board field of Public Health;
  2. Equipped with adequate specialised knowledge and skills in a particular discipline of Public Health;
  3. Able to exhibit proper leadership and managerial expertise
  4. Able to function effectively and efficiently;
  5. Able to perform the duties at local, district, state and national levels;
  6. An advocate of Public Health and
  7. Able to carryout research or studies and produce epidemiological reports.
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