Call for PhD Applications in Implementation Science

The University of Malaya is partnering with Yale University to train doctoral students in the new and exciting field of Implementation Science, with a focus on HIV.

What is Implementation Science?

Implementation science is the scientific study of methods and strategies that facilitate the uptake of evidence-based practice and research into regular use by practitioners and policymakers. It seeks to systematically close the gap between what we know and what we do by identifying and addressing the barriers that slow or halt the uptake of proven health interventions and evidence-based practices.

What is the programme structure and who will be accepted?

Two doctoral candidates (accepted into the PhD programme / applying for the PhD programme) will be accepted for the Malaysian Implementation Science Training (MIST) programme. Scholars will complete their MIST training concurrently with their PhD training.

MIST Training Structure:

  • One Yale distance-based learning course (Fall 2021)
  • One complete semester at Yale (Spring 2022)
  • One Implementation Science Workshop during the Yale semester
  • Summer boot camp at UM with visiting Yale faculty (Summer 2022)
  • One workshop at UNU-IIGH (Summer 2022)
  • Direct individualized mentorship with Yale faculty and UM mentors for their Implementation Science project. (Fall 2021 – Summer 2023)

Candidates will also receive project funding to conduct their Implementation Science project in Malaysia.

What are the entry requirements?

Applicants must have completed a minimum of a Master degree in Public Health or other related fields, be proficient in English and have competitive grades. Doctoral candidates will be partnered with both University of Malaya and Yale faculty to conduct implementation science research in HIV and will receive a research grant to complete their research.

What does the MIST programme fund?

Selected scholars will receive funding for the MIST training component of their PhD programme (MIST courses, conference and workshop, funding for the in-person Yale semester and research stipend for their project). The MIST programme does not fund the cost associated with the PhD programme at UM.

Please contact Assoc Prof Dr Rafdzah Ahmad Zaki or Dr Rumana Akhter Saifi for further information.

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