Vaksin : Memastikan Imuniti Kelompok Tercapai

Dalam satu temubual dalam Selamat Pagi Malaysia, Pakar Epidemiologi dan Kesihatan Awam Jabatan Perubatan Kemasyarakatan dan Pencegahan Fakulti Perubatan UM Prof. Dr. Noran Naqiah Mohd Hairi membicarakan tentang “Vaksin : Memastikan Imuniti Kelompok Tercapai”

Highlights from the Interview

In an interview on “Selamat Pagi Malaysia,” Prof. Dr. Noran Naqiah Mohd Hairi, an epidemiologist and public health expert from the Department of Social and Preventive Medicine at the University of Malaya, discussed the critical role of vaccination in achieving herd immunity. The interview, titled “Vaksin: Memastikan Imuniti Kelompok Tercapai” (Vaccines: Ensuring Herd Immunity is Achieved), was published on July 5, 2021. Here are the key points from the discussion:

Key Points from the Interview

  1. Importance of Vaccination:
    • Herd Immunity: Prof. Dr. Noran emphasized that vaccination is essential for achieving herd immunity. Herd immunity occurs when a significant portion of the population becomes immune to a disease, thereby reducing its spread and protecting those who are not immune.
    • Community Protection: Vaccination not only protects individuals but also helps protect the community, especially those who cannot be vaccinated due to medical reasons.
  2. Vaccination Coverage:
    • Target Coverage: To achieve herd immunity, a high percentage of the population needs to be vaccinated. The exact percentage varies depending on the disease and the effectiveness of the vaccine.
    • Current Efforts: The interview highlighted the ongoing efforts to increase vaccination coverage in Malaysia, including public education campaigns and making vaccines accessible to all segments of the population.
  3. Challenges in Achieving Herd Immunity:
    • Vaccine Hesitancy: One of the significant challenges is vaccine hesitancy, where individuals are reluctant or refuse to get vaccinated due to various concerns, including safety, efficacy, and misinformation.
    • Logistical Issues: Ensuring the efficient distribution and administration of vaccines, especially in remote and underserved areas, is another challenge.
  4. Public Health Strategies:
    • Education and Awareness: Prof. Dr. Noran stressed the importance of public health education and awareness campaigns to address vaccine hesitancy and misinformation. Clear and transparent communication from health authorities is crucial.
    • Community Engagement: Engaging with community leaders and influencers can help promote vaccination and increase public trust in the vaccination program.
  5. Role of Government and Health Authorities:
    • Policy and Support: The government and health authorities play a vital role in supporting vaccination efforts through policies, funding, and logistical support.
    • Monitoring and Evaluation: Continuous monitoring and evaluation of the vaccination program are essential to identify gaps and areas for improvement.


The interview with Prof. Dr. Noran Naqiah Mohd Hairi underscores the critical role of vaccination in achieving herd immunity and controlling the COVID-19 pandemic. While there are challenges such as vaccine hesitancy and logistical issues, public health strategies focused on education, awareness, and community engagement are key to overcoming these obstacles. The support of the government and health authorities is also crucial in ensuring the success of the vaccination program and protecting the health of the community.

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