When your research makes an impact

Researchers in universities in Malaysia and around the World receive grants from government, private and non-government organisations to conduct research so that it can make an impact. Many of the academics demonstrate this by publishing their works in high-ranking journals. However, academic impact alone is not enough as it also must be felt beyond academia.

The UK Research Council categorises research impact into cultural, economic, environmental, social, health and wellbeing, policy influence and change, legal and technological developments.

In a letter to the News Strait Times newspaper, A.S. Md Abdul Haseeb, the Dean, Innovative Industry and Sustainability Science Research Cluster, Universiti Malaya, pointed out that research cannot create a real-world impact if it does not reach the right people.

It is therefore crucial that researchers communicate their research to potential research users beyond academia, for example, business, public and other sectors.

Associate Professor Dr Hazreen Abd Majid is one of the researchers from the Department who was able to have an impact beyond the academic circle. One of the book that he has edited, the BreastCancer Survivor Cookbook (see the video between 32 and 34 minutes), has made an impact to the breast cancer survival patients. In an interview with the RTM TV2 – ‘What say you’ programme, one of the members of the Candy Girl Support Group have highlighted the usefulness of the book.

The book is intended for those who wish to make a difference in their cooking practices. It is important for both breast cancer survivors and the general public out there to understand that cooking healthy dishes is possible without jeopardizing the taste and quality of the dishes. Adopting a healthy lifestyle is an important strategy to ensure each individual can minimize their chances of developing non-communicable diseases.

The book is available from the University of Malaya Press.

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