COVID-19 Situation in Kedah and Sabah

In an interview with the Star Newspaper, Prof Datuk Dr Awang Bulgiba Awang Mahmud discusses the current COVID-19 situation in Kedah and Sabah. He said that the situation in Kedah being contained and it is under control.

Howerer, he pointed out the the worrying thing is the situation in Sabah, which is a mix of cases among Malaysians and non-Malaysians.

He said that as of last Sunday, Sabah recorded an Re of 1.7 while in Kedah it was 1.58. Re shows the average number of people who contracted the virus from an infectious person and it is an indication of how fast the virus is spreading.

He said that due to the lack of data on the prevalence of the disease among our migrant population the actual source of infections in Sabah is not clear.

There was a possibility that the source of the Sabah COVID-19 originated from neighbouring countries and there is always that possibility that it could be the D614G strain.

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