COVID-19: Temperature check – a false sense of security

In an interview with the Star newspaper, Prof Dr Moy Foong Ming said that “Thermal cameras and infrared thermometers are the next best alternatives”. She highlights that the detecting fever required measuring the body’s core temperature via oral digital thermometers are the most accurate, followed by ear thermometers. However, she acknowledged that these thermometers were not practical for mass screenings.

Dr Moy explained that even if infrared thermometers could detect fever reliably, it could not prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

“Patients with Covid-19 may not have a fever (asymptomatic) and patients in the incubation period (which lasts two weeks) without any symptoms, including fever, maybe infectious (pre-symptomatic). Passing the temperature check can create a false sense of security,”

In another interview with the FMT news portal, Dr Moy warned that temperature checks might not be foolproof even if a thermometer was working well.

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